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All Hands On Deck: Efforts Underway to Prevent Future Outbreaks

As public health agencies last week called an end to the latest e. Coli outbreaks linked to romaine lettuce from Salinas, the leafy greens community, government regulators and the entire produce industry continue efforts on multiple fronts to prevent future outbreaks.


As Romaine Outbreak is Declared Over, LGMA Steps Up Efforts to Improve Safety

The U.S. CDC and FDA have declared e. Coli outbreaks associated with romaine lettuce grown in the Salinas, CA region over and the agencies have lifted the consumer advisory. In a statement, the FDA said there is no longer a need for consumers to avoid romaine lettuce from Salinas. Since the consumer advisory was first issued on November 21, 2019 California leafy greens farmers have taken action to prevent future outbreaks.

LGMA Members

Dr. Oz Talks Salad Safety

The Dr. Oz Show recently aimed to address salad safety, a current concern for many consumers. Dr. Oz is a big advocate for the health benefits of including leafy greens and lettuce in your diet and wants to make sure that his viewers, more than one million U.S. households, understand how to make sure the lettuce they buy is safe and also what farmers are doing to make crops safer.

Buying Romaine? Look for the Harvest Location Label

Grocery stores, restaurants and lettuce producers have reacted quickly to remove romaine lettuce grown in Salinas from the supply chain channels to protect consumers. Romaine from growing areas other than Salinas is making its way back in to produce aisles and menus just in time for the holidays.

LGMA Responds to an Inactive Outbreak of E. Coli Potentially Associated with Romaine Lettuce

Yesterday, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration released information about an inactive E. coli outbreak involving 23 illnesses possibly associated with romaine lettuce occurring between July 12 and Sept. 8, 2019. No public health agency is advising consumers to avoid eating romaine and no suspected product remains in marketing channels. According to the FDA, its investigation has reached its end and the outbreak appears to be over.

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