New Compliance Officer Alyssa Licata Brings Fresh Perspective and Skill set to LGMA

The California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement (LGMA) has a new Compliance Officer.


What’s Behind LGMA’s Preharvest Testing Requirement

At its last meeting, the LGMA Board voted unanimously to require its members to conduct preharvest testing of product grown in fields where elevated risk factors may be present. I’m not sure if people realize what a significant action this is when it comes to leafy greens safety and what a tremendous commitment it is for lettuce farmers.


A food safety call to produce buyers

The fastest and most efficient means of implementing pre-harvest testing on leafy greens farms is for buyers to require their suppliers to follow the LGMA Pre-Harvest Testing guidance.


CA LGMA Endorses Pre-Harvest Testing to Reduce Outbreaks

The California LGMA Board has endorsed new Pre-Harvest Testing guidance in an effort to prevent foodborne illness outbreaks associated with lettuce and leafy greens. The guidance calls for pre-harvest testing of leafy greens products when risk assessments deem it necessary, specifically when grown in proximity to animals.


LGMA Audit Data Released on New Water Requirements

Last year the LGMA approved significant changes to improve the safety of water used in farming leafy greens. These updates are now in place throughout the California leafy greens industry and represent a further strengthening of what were already the most stringent measures required of any produce commodity. These requirements also go well beyond what’s currently in place under federal Produce Safety Rule regulations.

LGMA Members

10 Things Being Done to Make Leafy Greens Safer

In a year of unparalleled tragedies stemming from the pandemic to California wildfires, lettuce farmers in California and Arizona are taking action to prevent foodborne illness outbreaks.

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