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The Big Picture

Fear of Flying and Building Trust

Over the past 12 years, US airlines have accomplished an astonishing feat: carrying more than eight billion passengers without a fatal crash. Is there something the produce industry can learn from this?


A food safety call to produce buyers

The fastest and most efficient means of implementing pre-harvest testing on leafy greens farms is for buyers to require their suppliers to follow the LGMA Pre-Harvest Testing guidance.


CA LGMA Endorses Pre-Harvest Testing to Reduce Outbreaks

The California LGMA Board has endorsed new Pre-Harvest Testing guidance in an effort to prevent foodborne illness outbreaks associated with lettuce and leafy greens. The guidance calls for pre-harvest testing of leafy greens products when risk assessments deem it necessary, specifically when grown in proximity to animals.

LGMA Members

A Special Thank You to Scott Horsfall: California LGMA CEO from 2007- 2021

In 2007, as the founding Board members of the California LGMA finished the daunting task of establishing this unique food safety program, they began to consider who might run it. They didn’t have to look far before they found someone perfect for the job -- Scott Horsfall.

The Big Picture

Improving Food Safety — A Culture of Collaboration

I’ve been CEO of the California LGMA for two months and I remain both excited and humbled by the task at hand. Excited because I have assumed responsibility for an ever-evolving organization that has done significant work to develop an industry-wide food safety program for leafy greens. But I remain humble because I clearly recognize that my primary role is protecting the consumer and public health by continuously improving the safety of leafy greens, and that challenge feels daunting.

Government, Academia and Farmers Join Forces to Improve Food Safety

U.S. FDA announces multi-year study to understand how pathogens in the farming environment may cause foodborne illness outbreaks

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