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Lessons from the sky: Why produce needs a culture of safety

The produce industry is one-of-a-kind, impacted by a variety of factors from weather to cost of inputs, regulations and food trends. And while the produce industry is no doubt unique, there are powerful lessons that can be found by looking across sectors, particularly to industries that share a common charge: protecting consumer safety.

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Distrust in science threatens progress

When Jonas Salk invented the polio vaccine in 1953, he was feted in a New York ticker-tape parade and hailed as the “great doctor-benefactor of his time.” Compare that to today, when scientists and the institution of science overall are often met, not with praise, but with skepticism.

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2022 LGMA Member Sign Up

California LGMA has two sign-up periods. One is at the beginning of CA LGMA’s fiscal year (deadline April 1) which is timely for companies in the Salinas Valley region. The second deadline (October 1) accommodates handlers in other regions of the state such as the Imperial and San Joaquin Valleys. Current members do not need to sign up again.

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One Rotten Apple

In Poor Richard’s Almanac, Benjamin Franklin took a turn on a phrase and said, “The rotten Apple spoils his companion.” In his choice of the personal pronoun, Franklin makes it clear he’s not talking strictly about fruit. In this spirit, two recent studies bring to mind the cost of one person’s potential negative impact on others.

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Canadian Food Inspection Agency Announces Preharvest Testing Option for Romaine Imports

Yesterday the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) announced it will accept either pre-harvest or finished product testing as part of its requirements for importing romaine lettuce into Canada between September 30 and December 31, 2021. The requirements apply to romaine lettuce grown in four California counties: Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, San Benito and Monterey.

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Where were you when ...?

When President Kennedy was shot? On 9/11? For produce people: When the FDA issued the "do not eat" spinach order in 2006?

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