California LGMA Takes Decertification Action


LGMA Members

Written by Tim York

LGMA members work to provide the safest leafy greens on the market through a rigorous set of food safety practices that are verified by audits conducted by the California Department of Food and Agriculture. However, if a company is found to be out of compliance with the food safety standards the program can decertify a member. Although this happens rarely, California LGMA and the California Department of Food and Agriculture recently decertified a member company.

The LGMA audit verifies compliance with over 500 food safety checkpoints. LGMA members are required to be 100% in compliance, which means that if an audit identifies a non-conformity the member must submit corrective actions to the LGMA Compliance Officer. If a company fails to demonstrate full compliance, they are subject to decertification.

Decertification means that a company cannot present itself as a certified LGMA member, nor use the LGMA Service Mark. Government agencies and produce buyers rely on LGMA certification for supplier verification. Loss of certification potentially means a loss of sales, including product being turned away from international borders. An up-to-date list of LGMA members and their certification status is available on our website:

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