Search for a new Compliance Officer

Written by April Ward

Jonathan Field, LGMA’s long-time Compliance Officer, has been a member of the LGMA team since the program started in 2007. But, as all good things must end, Jonathan has decided to retire from his active role with the LGMA. Jon will be greatly missed. He not only helped to establish the LGMA compliance program, but he has been a tireless resource for the LGMA staff and for members of the industry along the way.

In order to ensure that the LGMA’s compliance functions continue unabated, we have begun a search, along with the Arizona LGMA, for a new Compliance Officer. Here is an RFP for the position. Interested parties are asked to submit their proposals to the California LGMA by February 19th.

The Arizona LGMA will post the RFP through their own procurement system, and they plan to time it so that proposals are due to them at about the same time they are due to us. After that, we will work together to review bids, determine finalists and select a new Compliance Officer or firm.

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