Dr. Oz Talks Salad Safety


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Written by April Ward

The Dr. Oz Show recently aimed to address salad safety, a current concern for many consumers. Dr. Oz is a big advocate for including leafy greens and lettuce in your diet and wants to make sure that his viewers, more than one million U.S. households, understand how to make sure the lettuce they buy is safe and also what farmers are doing to make crops safer.

The show illustrates how romaine may be contaminated in the field or processing facilities and then goes on to also describe actions being taken by the leafy greens farming community to protect consumers. More importantly, the overall point of the segment encouraged continued consumption of leafy greens -- in particular iceberg lettuce. Also included in the episode was a new a recipe for an iceberg ceasar salad.

Last year LGMA and other leafy greens industry representatives were featured on an episode of the Dr. Oz Show following the 2018 Romaine lettuce outbreak. We are pleased that the show continues to allow leafy greens farmers to share their story of working to keep this healthy crop safe.

You can view the segment here: https://www.doctoroz.com/episode/breaking-news-what-s-romaine-new-lettuce-dr-oz-wants-you-eat (clips 1, 2 and 10).
Additionally, the full written Q&A provided by the LGMA is posted on the Dr. Oz Show's website: https://www.doctoroz.com/page/statement-california-leafy-greens-marketing-agreement-romaine-lettuce

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