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LGMA Members

Written by April Ward

Committed to Safe Leafy Greens

California leafy greens farmers and shippers work diligently every day in their fields and farms using science-based food safety practices that include over 300 checkpoints covering agricultural water, environmental assessments, soil amendments, worker practices and field and equipment sanitation.

Committed to Continuous Improvement

California leafy greens farmers work together to review the latest scientific research and develop risk mitigation techniques for their farms. By engaging in LGMA subcommittees and technical working groups, members are able to continuously improve industry-wide standards for water, equipment sanitation, adjacent lands and soil inputs in a collective effort to prevent future outbreaks.

Committed to Science-Based Standards

California leafy greens farmers collaborate with the scientific community and government agencies to drive advancements in food safety practices and risk mitigation techniques. All updates to improve industry-wide food safety standards are designed to protect public health and are founded in valid science.

Only buy from certified LGMA Members.  Look for these marks:  LGMA Member logo (green leaf with checkmark) and LGMA Service Mark (black and white seal that reads "CDFA Certified"
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