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LGMA certification is a must-have for your lettuce and leafy greens suppliers.

9 Reasons to Make LGMA Certification Mandatory


Robust food safety standards

The LGMA food safety standards are informed by science, and are rigorous, thorough and trusted.


Frequent audits

LGMA members undergo several audits a year, both scheduled and unannounced.


Independent auditors

Auditors from the California Department of Food and Agriculture verify more than 500 food safety checkpoints.


100% Compliance is Mandatory

LGMA members must be in 100% compliance with all of the LGMA food safety practices in order to be certified.


Continuously evolving

The LGMA standards and audits are continuously getting better using new learnings, data, sound science and subject matter expertise.


Nearly 100 companies working to provide the safest greens

LGMA members embrace a culture of food safety and are committed to continuous learning and professional development.


Your trusted partner and collaborator

LGMA is a powerful partner dedicated to building public confidence and trust through collaboration to make leafy greens even safer.


LGMA Certification = FSMA Produce Rule Compliance

Every LGMA audit that is conducted verifies that member companies are in compliance with the Produce Safety Rule of the Food Safety Modernization Act.


LGMA members produce 130 million servings of lettuce every day

Because of LGMA, leafy greens are safer than ever, and customers and consumers can have confidence that LGMA certified members are making a difference.

Help us protect consumers and strengthen the supply chain by officially requiring LGMA certification from all of your leafy greens suppliers.

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