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In 2021, the LGMA program made significant updates to its food safety standards as part of its members’ commitment to make leafy greens safer.

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Food Safety Investigations

If LGMA members encounter any kind of food safety incident they must conduct a food safety investigation also called a root cause analysis. The purpose of this investigation is to quickly work to find out what caused the food safety issue, so that it can be corrected and eliminated in the future. LGMA members have been provided with resources that show how and why to conduct these investigations.

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Enhanced Risk-Assessments

When planting leafy greens, LGMA members must conduct an enhanced environmental assessment that is broader in scope with more of a focus on risks of adjacent and nearby lands. A new tool is in the works that will help LGMA members to standardize this risk assessment and calculation.

Pathogen Testing Requirement

LGMA members are required to conduct pre-harvest testing of leafy green products grown in fields with elevated risk factors.

Pre-Harvest Testing:

4 -7 days before harvest

Target Organisms:

STEC including E. coli 0157:H7 & Salmonella enterica

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2020 / 2021 Annual Report

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The LGMA brings farmers together to make lettuce and leafy greens safer by:

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