Government Audits

The LGMA is a food safety program that verifies science-based farming practices using government audits and requires 100% compliance. The program was designed with a set of checks and balances to ensure leafy greens farmers do all they can to protect public health by establishing a culture of food safety on the farm.

Did you know?

The LGMA program requires mandatory audits conducted by government auditors.

cdfaLGMA auditors are employed by the California Department of Food and Agriculture and licensed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

udaThey are financially independent of the LGMA and leafy greens industry, unbiased and required to report threats to public health to regulatory authorities.

The Audit

Each member company is audited several times a year including one unannounced audit. According, the 2016/2017 annual report on average each LGMA member company was audited 4.4 times.  Every leafy greens farm that supplies product to an LGMA member is audited at least once per year.

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CDFA Auditors

LGMA auditors are subject to stringent training and certification criteria including a minimum of three years work experience in an agriculture related field and the successful completion of USDA training in the areas of:

  • IS0 19011
  • Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)
  • Good Handling Practices (GHP)
  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)
  • Better Process Control (BCP)
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • Food Defense (FD)

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LGMA members must be in 100 percent compliance with all mandatory food safety practices in order to be certified as a member in good standing under the LGMA program. The LGMA requires that members take corrective action on any and all findings cited during government audits and that preventative measures are in place to protect public health. Completion of corrective and preventative action is verified upon subsequent mandatory re-inspection by government auditors.

Frequent inspection and required corrective action drives continuous improvements in food safety on leafy greens farms. The experiences of inspectors, as well as for those being inspected, leads to more targeted research and training for employees charged with implementing food safety activities.

For detailed information on Compliance please see our Annual Report: