How to Require LGMA Certification From Your Lettuce Suppliers

LGMA members and their growers farm and harvest over 50 billion servings of lettuce and leafy greens every year in California and Arizona.  Those servings make up nearly 95% of all lettuce produced in the U.S.

The grocery stores, restaurants and distributors who sell leafy greens have a simple way to provide assurance that lettuce and leafy greens they sell are farmed and harvested using science-based food safety practices – by requiring that their suppliers are LGMA certified.

LGMA members are audited an average of five times throughout each year to verify their compliance with a set of science-based food safety practices that also meet and exceed FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act Produce Safety Rule.

Below are several ways that produce buyers can ensure safer leafy greens for their consumers – by requiring LGMA certification from their lettuce and leafy greens suppliers.

1. Update Your Food Safety Policy to Require LGMA Certification 

Simply add a clause to your purchasing policy for leafy greens (see which ones are covered by the LGMA below) that are grown in California and Arizona stating that these items must come from a Certified LGMA member.

2. Find LGMA Certified Members 

The most up to date way to find a list of Certified LGMA members is on our website, here:

There are other ways to get LGMA verification though, see below:


Need more help updating your policy?  Reach out to LGMA Staff to discuss in greater detail:


Scott Horsfall

Chief Executive Officer


April Ward

Marketing Director

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