LGMA Seeks New Technical Director

For the last decade, Mike Villaneva has done an outstanding job for the leafy greens industry as the California LGMA’s Technical Director. Mike is the LGMA’s expert on the food safety standards enforced by the LGMA, and he has been our primary connection to the grower and handler community. Most of all, Mike has worked hard to benefit the leafy greens industry and to make sure everyone is working to protect public health.

But, alas, all good things must come to an end. And Mike has announced plans to retire in the Spring of 2019. Therefore, the LGMA is beginning the process of hiring a new Technical Director. We hope to bring on a new Technical Director this winter so that he or she can work alongside Mike for a few months before Mike’s retirement.

One thing to note is that we intend to have the new Technical Director operate out of the Central Coast region of California. This will enhance his or her ability to work closely with the industry and to be more accessible than is always the case when the job is here in Sacramento.

Anyone interested in applying for the position should contact LGMA CEO Scott Horsfall, or can submit a resume to scott@lgma.ca.gov by December 7th, 2018.

CA LGMA Tech Director Job Description 2018

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