LGMAs To Take a Harder Look at Proposed Metric Changes

Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement Board of Directors in Arizona and California were set to vote on updates to our required food safety practices during meetings held this week. As part of this process, additional information has been brought forth which is leading the LGMA Boards to reconsider proposed changes before they are formally adopted.

The Technical Committees of both LGMAs will meet in the coming days to review additional proposals, particularly those pertaining to the distance leafy greens can be planted from Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) and the requirements for water testing when irrigation sources are near a CAFO.  Dates and times for the Technical Committee meetings are being set as quickly as possible.

The Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement strongly believes our program is the one way we can quickly and effectively ensure stringent food safety practices are implemented on California and Arizona leafy greens farms. The goal of the LGMA programs has always been to ensure our customers, consumers and government regulators can be confident in the safety of the leafy greens produced under these programs.

Currently, the programs cover 90 percent of the leafy greens consumed in the U.S.  So, any change to LGMA food safety practices will ensure implementation throughout the leafy greens industry and, of course, government verification the new practices are being followed on farms.


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