New LGMA Training Program Empowers Employees

This May we are excited to officially launch the California LGMA comprehensive food safety training program, LGMA Tech.  In 2017 LGMA Tech will offer more than 40 training courses for LGMA members, their growers, and their harvesters.

Proper food safety training is critical for producing safe leafy greens, and it’s something we at the LGMA take very seriously. Our goal is to help our members instill a culture of food safety throughout their companies; comprehensive employee training is an essential part of creating such a culture.

In the ten years since the LGMA was established, our members have demonstrated a strong commitment to food safety.  Although the owners, managers, and food safety personnel at LGMA member companies vigilantly protect the food they produce, they cannot be everywhere on the farm at once.  They must rely on employees throughout their organizations to understand and follow the science-based LGMA food safety practices.

Because they have such an important role, these employees need to be empowered to continually improve the safety of the products they have a hand in producing.

This is where LGMA Tech comes in. LGMA Tech courses were developed by experts in food safety training to teach food safety principles and practices in a way that is easy to understand. They are highly effective because they are interactive and based on adult learning principles.

LGMA members, leafy greens growers, and harvesting companies can sign up for any of four courses, in addition to a special course that offers growers food safety training required under the Food Safety Modernization Act.

There are courses available in English and Spanish, and prices are affordable, ranging from $75 to $175 per course. Workshops are available in several leafy greens growing regions.

For more information on the courses, available workshops, and who should attend, visit There you can also sign up to be notified when new training workshops are available.

Participating in these workshops tremendously benefits LGMA members because they help instill a commitment to food safety in employees throughout your companies. Regular training keeps everyone engaged, vigilant, and accountable. Employees who attend these courses can then use what they learn to train others at your company, further instilling the importance of protecting public health because it’s the right thing to do.

Take a step to equip the people at your company to continually improve the safety of your product.

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