Reminding Workers Why Food Safety Is Important

Telling the story of foodborne illness makes an impact


Our friend Deirde Schlunegger at STOP Foodborne Illness recently posted the article: Telling the Story of Foodborne Illness on the Food Safety Tech blog.  STOP is a public health organization dedicated to the prevention of illness and death from foodborne illness.  Deirdre’s main point is that telling the story of foodborne illness helps food safety professionals (and anyone with a food safety responsibility) remember why their roles are so important – and we couldn’t agree more.

Understanding WHY Provides Motivation

Here at the LGMA we have a video that we partnered with STOP Foodborne Illness to create.  It is called “The Why behind Food Safety” and is shown in all of our LGMA Tech training sessions.  We do this so that participants understand that real people can become terribly ill if we are careless or complacent with the required LGMA food safety practices on leafy greens farms.

Our industry has discovered that from the worker’s perspective this video is empowering. The workers have a role to play in food safety, but they also have the opportunity to be a food safety hero; by protecting food for their customers and their own families who eat the products they harvest.

An Opportunity for You?

STOP Foodborne Illness is happy to work with you to have victims of foodborne illness share their stories with your organization too.  Bringing this element into our training program was one of the best things our organization has done.

If you are interested, contact:

Deirdre Schlunegger
or Stanley Rutledge
STOP Office Phone: 773-269-6555

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