Expert Panel Finds LGMA Guidelines Scientifically Sound

It’s been nine years since the LGMA was created as an unprecedented commitment to producing safe leafy greens.  Since then, the LGMA food safety practices have been updated 12 times to incorporate new scientific findings.

A panel of independent food safety experts was recently commissioned to conduct a scientific review.  The goal of this review was to investigate the scientific validity of the current set of LGMA practices.  The findings of the panel attribute the success of the program to the quality, rigor and detail of the LGMA’s food safety practices.

The panel members were chosen for this project based on their work-related experience in the field of fresh produce food safety.  Below are some of their comments from the report.

All panel members agreed the LGMA Guidelines provide at least the same level of public health protection as the applicable requirements in the Food Safety Modernization Act’s Produce Rule. They expressed confidence that the program will remain effective in light of the organized process used to incorporate new research findings and improved best practices.

LGMA-17117-WhitePaper-TwitterImages_Brackett LGMA-17117-WhitePaper-TwitterImages_Jay-Russell LGMA-17117-WhitePaper-TwitterImages_Kniel LGMA-17117-WhitePaper-TwitterImages_Sharma

With the many changes in the LGMA food safety practices and the addition of the Produce Rule under FSMA, we felt it was important to seek an expert review of our current Guidelines to ensure the LGMA remains a strong, preventative program that minimizes the risk of microbial contamination in the production and harvest of leafy greens.

We are pleased that the panel recognized the efforts of the California leafy greens farming community to incorporate the most current science into its food safety practices.  We also appreciate the comments and input provided by the experts who participated in this review.

The independent review was conducted by iDecisionSciences and Western Growers.

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