Thank You to FDA’s Mike Taylor

Yesterday came the news that Michael Taylor, FDA’s deputy commissioner for Foods and Veterinary Medicine, will be leaving the agency on June 1st of this year. Stepping down after six years with FDA, Taylor will be most remembered for his tireless work to create and implement the rules under the Food Safety Modernization Act, or FSMA.

The LGMA has had the pleasure of working closely with Mike and his team for the entire time that FSMA was being developed, and I can tell you that he will be missed. Mike has led the agency through a very difficult process – crafting rules that would protect public health while keeping in mind the needs of hundreds of different products grown in a myriad of conditions was no easy task.

We have had many opportunities to interact with Mike and to discuss food safety with him. Early on in his current position, he visited California and took a day to go on an LGMA audit. Members of our executive committee and staff have met with him in Washington DC several times, and we have had the pleasure of interacting with him and hearing him speak at many meetings and conferences. On all occasions he has been respectful and eager to learn, asking great questions about our industry and our organization, and helping us to better understand where the agency’s priorities and ours overlapped (which is almost everywhere).

We wish Mike Taylor well in his future endeavors and, more importantly, want to thank him for everything he has done to further the cause of food safety.

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