LGMA Debuts Informational Video Series

I’m happy to announce the debut of a series of informational videos created by the LGMA.  Today, more and more, people choose to get their information by viewing online content; so we wanted to create a series of videos that would help viewers understand more about the leafy greens farming community and its commitment to food safety.

The LGMA program is complex and the goal of these videos is to simplify the parts so that people understand what is being done by over 300 growers and 100 shippers under the LGMA every single day.  The series includes four brief videos (about 2 minutes long each).  We invite you to view and share these videos – and if you have a YouTube account subscribe to our channel @CALeafyGreens.




Special thanks for assistance in filming to:

  • Church Brothers
  • Ippolito International
  • The Nunes Company
  • Ocean Mist Farms

We couldn’t do it without your help!

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