Kale – Healthy, Nutritious and Safe

The growing popularity of the leafy green kale has been quite astounding.  If you would have bought stock in it in 2011, you’d be a rich person today.  Historically this tough green has been a used as a garnish or cooked beyond recognition.   Now the proclaimed “super food” is often eaten raw in salads and used as a juicing ingredient.

As people become more interested in adding kale to their diet; some might question its safety.  Like other leafy greens that are eaten raw; there is no kill step for pathogens that might have come into contact with the food.  Consumers can be assured that kale coming from LGMA members is subject to all the requirements of our rigorous farm food safety program; including science-based food safety practices and mandatory government inspections.

Even with a rigorous farm food safety program in place, it is important for consumers to take steps to maintain safety all the way to the table. Practicing safe-handling methods in the kitchen can reduce the risk of foodborne illness and keep your family healthy.  It’s important to keep greens cool in the refrigerator and avoid cross-contamination with raw meats (or cutting boards!).  One popular question is whether or not you should wash bagged salads (including kale) once you get them home; the Partnership for Food Safety Education recommends that you do not wash bagged greens marked washed or ready to eat: more here.

Feeling hungry? – Check out our leafy green recipes (including kale) here:


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